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Ziel des Kurses ist es, das Selbstvertrauen als Eltern zu stärken und das Miteinander in der Familie zu verbessern. Pavle December 19th, Simoniz glasscoat reviews. Deutsch Kirby's Adventure G [! Anna-Elisa Dzieminski 20,0 UStd. Überführung Wir sind 3 x in Schleswig-Holstein für Sie da: Die Freunde des guten Ostseefischs und Liebhaber der leckeren Fischbrötchen kommen auch wieder auf ihre Kosten, denn am Wir müssen uns ständig verändern, wir wachsen — nicht mit Prozent in diesem und im nächsten Jahr mit 70 Prozent —, sondern moderat im Rahmen dessen, was wir finanzieren können. Die- se Geschenke werden eingesammelt, dann gut vermischt. Der Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung zufolge sind zwar die Ausgaben für Konsumgüter in den vergangenen Jahren gestiegen — aber auch die Nachfrage nach hochwertigen, authentischen Produkten.

Be sure to come and let us know all about this Well gotta get now, take care, Nancy: I waited a long time to hear All My Life in concert.

When I finally did, it was so worth it! Sorry to hear about your bad weather. Bad weather here in No.

NV keeps being predicted but we have yet to see it. Although the skiing at Tahoe is supposedly great right now. I know I am. A brief discussion about Gerry's "Watership Down" can be found in the "Highway" booklet as many of us know.

Personally, I prefer the "alternate mix" version versus the one on "Hideaway". Here's an easy one for many of you, I bet: Who did Gerry confer with another musical artist after he wrote "Watership Down" before the finished draft?

Here's my feeble attempt with a caption for Chris' photo of him with Dewey and Gerry: LOL nor a digital camera with computer link-up.

I always thought they should have used Gerry's song at the beginning over the titles. It would have beern fabulous. They used an Art Garfunkle tune" Bright Eyes" in the middle.

IMHO it slowed the film down. I saw this in a theater with the Ralph Bashie version of Lord of the Rings. Some idiot parents had brought their preschoolers to see it.

The kids were terrified. The faterh said, soothingly, "don't worry the next movie is about bunnies" I turned and said "Mister, if you think 'Watership Down' is about bunnies, you are sadly mistaken" He left before the first movie ended.

The show starts at 10am Eastern 9am Central, 8am Mountain, 7am Pacific. During a "Roots Salute", extensive songs and artist information is aired during the show.

I like the Nice comfortable Smiles that I see on your faces. I have been searching all through the Archives, trying to find a post that I found that was made back in by a Professor from Penn State University, it was a review about the show I saw I can remember them only singing about 6 or 7 songs, so I am assuming it was the Short Playlist I can remember them singing Mirror to Mirror and they talked about their new album.

I am starting to question myself about the Year tho, cause I can't find this info that I had found before about this show.

I am gonna have to try and find it to read. I had tried to check out your site address, but my Dena Dell has been having some pretty mean run ins with Popups and it seems everytime I think I am gonna check something out, my comp locks up and I have to reboot I just love the Wealth of info Steve takes the time to keep it that way.

Hope things get fixed soon for the both of us. I sure wish I could say to you that I was heading to the Mohegan shows Chances are good I won't be at any of them I'd be safer saying it that way, and letting the Hope there that I will be surprised and get to one of them Now I just gotta dig up this VHS tape and pop it in and see what unknown treasures are on it Thanks for sparking that for me!

Nice hearing from you Mary: Okay gotta go order some hockey tickets for my hubby and son Have a good day all!

Sing it for us Gerry: Nettie, Not sure yet. Maybe all three but a few factors have yet to play out.

Not the least of which is Mother Nature and her somewhat sick sense of humor. Also, funds and sitters are everpresent issues.

Sorry for the mamby pamby answer. I just didn't want to leave your post completely unanswered. In Gerry We Trust, Mo.

David, correct on all three answers and more, thanks. Jimbob, glad you enjoyed my trifling. Erin, I sent you an email; did you get it?

Holiday, I sent you a huge one, and it came right back, please send me your new email address. I know u posted it a while back. LOVE your photo suggestions!

And, I forgot to write, the author is Richard Adams. An excellent book, and excellent novelist. Gerry has written a song, the title of which might make one think of a novel, with characters such as, Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Dandelion, and Bluebell.

What's the name of the song and the novel, and what "kind" of characters are they? A rose between 2 thorns. A thorn between 2 roses. Greetings from the Great White North.

Fourth snowiest January on record even if it doesn't snow another flake the rest of the month--just in case you were keeping the box scores on that kind of stuff.

It is piled so high at some intersections that you can't even see oncoming traffic. You have to inch out to check the lane. SO, I'm just gonna give the Observation for today: Sometimes you just have to use the telephone poles as guides while trying not to get too close to them!!

Speaking of that, did you ever notice that telephone poles look like the candles sticking up out of the huge white frosted birthday cake that is a snowy world?

Okay, maybe that's a bit much. Cabin fever may be setting in I got on here to write this: I am thrilled to hear that Gerry is singing All My Life in the show.

It has been one of my favorites for so long and I've never heard it live. Just like Erin would give anything for a palm tree, I would similarly give nearly anything to hear this song in concert.

Noticed in a moment that in a shot after seeing Gerry typing -well, I suppose it's him because he doesn't wear a wedding ring you can see one agents staring at a small lake of blood on the road.

Well, the video was downloaded in my computer just to the 2: So, I couldn't see the explosion of the game board neither the scene of the pursuit.

Can anybody guess and tell me whose the blood is? I mentioned that I would be posting another video but I have discovered that it is the same format as The Border video which means I can only watch it at home and not here at work.

It also means that most of you won't be able to see it either since most of you couldn't watch The Border.

I'm assuming you know that the Horse's Mouth, America Newsletters in your archives contain concert schedules from ?

Yes, Tim, I do know that. I then made myself a big note to incorporate them. Thanks, anyway, for the reminder. Apologies if I have not responded to any personal emails - I hope to be able to get back on-line this weekend.

Thanks KarenL, Johnny and Jenna - glad you liked it. Johnny - have we seen a picture of you yet? I wonder if anyone knows someone who looks like Dew or Ger?

Yes, that's Rich Campbell is that the right spelling behind us in the photo. Woodsie and Willie were talking together just out of picture to the right - it was amazing - a big room, and just the band, road crew, management group and me.

Yes, I will be able to scan the article to Steve when it's published March. I finished the office captions competition today with the prize of a copy of the Definitive CD.

I do have a creative bunch of co-workers who have been looking after me as I come off my America high.

Here are the ones I chose as the top three: Latest extreme makeover - Saddam Hussein enjoys new life in America Holiday - until you open the first five buttons on your shirt, you can't be in our band Looks like the horse has a name after all I did tell them to be brutal - it helps to bring me down to earth.

The ad in today's paper for the Sydney concerts state they are on next week, but it still says the dates are Friday 30 and Saturday 31 February The band deserves better.

Haven't posted in a long time. A couple of observations: Noticed the most recent play list has 3 songs as encores. I hope the guys keep this as a regular part of the show.

I always feel like I am getting just a little more out of a show when there is more than one tune for an encore I know it is really the same of songs at the concert anyway, whether they are played before the encore or as the encore.

But, I'm simple, I can be fooled into thinking I am getting more for my money Second. This website is one of few music sites and I visit several on a regular basis that is updated frequently.

Steve, you need to be commended for all you do keeping things fresh here. Chris - your picture with Dewey and Gerry turned out very nice!

Thanks for sharing it with us - I always enjoy seeing the concert photos and pictures of fellow fans! Is that Rich Campbell I see in the background?

Chris, I toyed around with few captions - but, like Johnny said - none are as witty as the ones you listed.

Your co-workers must be envious ; It's nice that your company is recognizing that this was a big deal and is publishing a story about it!

If there's an easy way for you to share the article with us, that would be fun to see. I'm currently posting from the public library since the home computer is on the blink so I can't think of anything witty as a caption at the moment, but it's GREAT to finally see a picture of you.

Actually, you and one of my friends could pass for brothers Chris, Your "Brush with Fame" article for your Company's March issue sounds a little more interesting than the monthly newsletter I write for my Bank!

Good luck with the article! Sorry, I'm a little burnt out My husband tapes the vh1. The video is a mock-audition where about half a dozen famous performers are supposedly singing for Jeff.

He's wearing a vibrant red and blue striped blazer and appears for about seconds. Has anyone seen this video? There is a sound clip but all I can hear is a womans voice.

Has anyone heard the entire song? Is America really on it? Here's a few dates: The response already has been fantastic almost overwhelming! Keep them coming and I'll do my best to get them added to the list early next week.

This weekend I'm going on a cold, winter campout with the scouts. I hope I don't come back frozen like a popcicle. In addition to these three albums, Holiday Harmony is also available but for slightly more.

There was no review. Each review is copyright , Muze, Inc. Anyway, I thought these three reviews were generally favorable and written without the usual contempt for America we find so often in reviewers.

Probably because, for one thing, iTunes is selling these songs and the usual sneering review might push people away from a purchase.

Nonetheless, I found these interesting. Hope you do, too. This Spring I will be in Paris! Biarritz is real HOT town!

Gen, you are so lucky to live in that area. What a work you did there! I noticed you put the French concerts too..

Bruno, can you help??? Anyway the third concert was the first one if that makes sense? Thierry aka Larsen who does the French America site was there!!!

Hopefully he'll tell us about this experience of his one day Oh I remember Erin went to Biarritz last Spring and enjoyed her hotel with a view on the ocean Thanks for posting this Steve - what a buzz!!!!

Don't the guys look tanned? I've emailed this all around my office and have been asked to do an article on my America adventure for my company's employee magazine - due out in March.

The article is to be called 'Brush With Fame'. Someone said I looked like Dewey's older brother - I wish Best crazy captions I've heard are: I am sure some of you can do better - any more crazy captions?

I promise I won't be offended I woke up at 4 am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to get up and see how many updates I could make to the America Fans web site.

In addition to Chris Holiday's concert photo and Margaret's Wollongong concert playlist, I have added a new web page called the Concert List.

It wasn't until that I started keeping track of the concerts so I had to go back through the photos, archives, and the museum ticket stubs to see what concerts were listed.

I came up with quite a few but there are lots more that are missing. This is where you can all help out. If you are aware of the date, venue, and city of an America concert between and that isn't already listed, please send that information to me and I'll include it on the web page.

With a little work, we ought to be able to fill in many of the dates. Thanks in advance for your help. I saw recently but didn't win on ebay, some double-albums of America of them.

You can also get them through GEMM for 9. When I try the site, I see the following message just in case it doesn't show up on your machine www.

You may reach the account administrator at www www. Thanks for the feedback. Jimbob, in regard to Auckland, the coffers are depleted!!

Paint me a word picture. I can see it all now. That fantastic Art Deco building with its Indian inspired ornamentation and you pressed right against the stage.

Last time I knew you were you before I actually knew you were you. I can feel the energy of the night. Great photo's of Australia! Looks like you've all had some million dollar views and at the top floors lately!

Oooh I tried my Border video again I really enjoyed reading your reviews last night, and I love the Nice Scoop of News you shared with us.

Sooooo Awesome you getting to hear Gerry Sing "All My Life" I got those spinetingling chills just imagining getting to hear him sing this. Thanks for making note of the Playlist, sooo good you got to hear the long set..

Can't wait to put my order in for it, have that Mr Mailman bring it my way! What a beautiful setting there in Australia!

Thanks again for sharing your time with us! You have managed to fill your lens to the Brim with your View there. Kinda brings the great song Ports of Call to me!

I will Patiently await this I saved it to my files to use as a background on my pc from time to time Thanks for sharing this site on what the beach and surf is like there now I sure wish I could hop on a Plane and head there to stay It is still sooo cold here, very white too, kinda icy too Be sure and come back and share it all with us Will you be taking some pics?

I have sat and enjoyed them alot I always wondered what it was that had them so Full of Life and Laughter. This was one Great album, and I think they were pretty much at the place they had been setting Aim for..

All was good and getting Better for them I would love to see them put in "World of Light" or "Paradise" as well both of these songs are sooo appropriate for this World Tour setting I sure am hoping to see a booking for a show somewhere close here soon Okay gotta get busy here, have a good day all, See ya, Nancy: I knew what hotel the guys were in here in Perth from Gerry's photo.

Don't worry, I didn't rush down there - not straight away anyway.. Hi Margaret - thanks for your great review, it helps to keep the concert feeling going for me here.

Your mention of Gerry's shoes made me laugh and it sure sounds like it was another laid-back and friendly show.

Your comment about the band being relaxed after Hawaii and Perth was spot on - Gerry said here that they had a relaxing few days before their Perth concert, pretty much free time and that he wasn't complaining about that - their energy levels are amazing to me.

Thanks again for all your reports - and that Scoop; I am glad you got All My Life and agree it would be awesome in the Opera House by the best harbour in the world.

Thanks for the review We only get the one show here this time, but Im really getting excited! Say gidday to Ross for me.

You sure you wont make a quick trip to Auckland on the 3rd?!! Hey Magaret, Thanks for your review, we have 4 more sleepZzzzz to go We are starting to get our "America" Survival Pack organised Hope you get to the Sydney shows as well.

All of this news is very exciting!!!! And a new DVD too! Thank you for all the reviews from Australia - I will be seeing them in February when they get back, and I can't contain myself!!!

Chris, I too was lucky to get an America sandwich picture last summer and it was an unforgettable experience. Too bad I was so in shock that I didn't get to say much to them at the time!

Karen, I agree - job well done with our poem - it was pretty amazing! Margaret, Thanks for the review. I have also driven from Melbourne to Wagga Wagga in the past just to catch them while they are in the country.

I really appreciate Dewey and Gerry sharing the info with you. Wow, I've been away from the chat folder only 24 hours or so and have missed a lot!

That is such a good picture, it was fun to study it a little closer. We should do more of that on here, with the album covers! Many of America's albums I only have on vinyl and have no way to listen to them anymore.

One can still enjoy those vinyls though, looking at the pictures. That sky is really intriguing - I love it!

It also reminds me a little of their "Highway" CD set cover, which I also love. I had been wondering if you did or not.

Margaret - thanks for passing along the exciting news to us! It's nice that you were able to be the first to hear it, in your corner of the world!

We also have a Today Show here that I usually catch part of as I'm getting ready to head to work. At first I thought you were talking about that show, and I was going to be upset if I missed it!

Robyn - love the comic! Had to show it to my husband. He really likes America, but "Muskrat Love" would be his song to pick if he had to choose a "least favorite".

He got a kick out of it. Yes, they must be referring to the other version in this comic. I am having major problems editing.

Again there are typos that I just haven't been able to find to fix up. I checked what was said in this morning's interview. They are hoping to get into the studio to do some recording when they get back in February.

At the bottom of the TV screen was a banner saying America returns to Australia after 5 year absence. What about January and February ? Wollongong Tuesday 20 January An America tour is always an intense time for us, as long ago we realized that one concert was never enough.

This is a big country with expensive domestic airfares. With a tour that covers the continent from Perth to the eastern seaboard and from Brisbane to Hobart, we can't get to all the shows, but as always we will try to drive to as many venues as possible.

We had seen the band at the same venue in'98 with The Beach Boys and right next to the venue was the football stadium where we had seen in with America.

If I could have had one wish for this tour it would have been to hear All My Life live. I was hoping that perhaps the special venue of The Sydney Opera House might be the spot to do so.

Now that I know that the second Sydney show will be filmed I really hope that this eventuates. The band was relaxed after Hawaii and Perth and Gery's trademark black attire was replaced with jeans , t-sirt and tennis shoes, looking remarkably similar to a photo Ross had taken back in ' I know I shouldn't mention the shoes!

During the course of the evening the following were mentioned: It was still Dewey's birthday in the US so he was getting two for the price of one; That they are not here often enough; That America loves Australia; That they had recorded an interview for the Today Show; Rich was not feeling well and they had put it down to mould as well as the comments that regular concert goers know and expect to hear.

The crowd was appreciative, responded positively at the start of the hits and when going back to the car after the show I overheard comments such as "They were fabulous", "They were so professional" and "I could listen to their music all day".

We had a panoramic view of the venue and noticed a lot of people going out to buy beer and bring it back inside. This could have acconted for several of the audience changing seats.

Two guys sitting beside me had probably made several such purchases before the show. They talked through much of the early part of the show but settled down and got into the show after a security guard spoke to them.

Now for the music. This was an evening of hits, personal favourites and surprises. We both felt this was a really rocking show with great solo work.

When Dewey delivered his Hangover message he said that the song usually goes over well on weekends, holidays and at coastal towns in Australia!

After Sister Golden Hair everyone was stamping their feet for more. Then instead of everyone walking onto the stage, Gerry walked on alone and sang All My Life.

The request for the Opera House still stands. The encore was an unprecedented three songs and the show 25, the most to date for us.

Ross was the scribe. I hope they are in the correct order as some of the names were written on top of each other in the dark. We hope the guys enjoy their other shows this week and travel safely.

No details, yet, David. We all knew that Gerry and Dewey had talked about going into the recording studio during their slight touring break the end of It sounds like maybe they did make it into the studio and we might be seeing a new release in the next year or two.

As far as the DVD goes, this is the first I've ever heard of it. If I find out anything else, I'll be sure to post it here. Sherman himself is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box Apologies for the typos.

I couldn't scroll up and down properly with the arrows to edit the previous post. I could only see the start or the end, as it jumped through the middle of the text.

Maybe Steve could correct them for me. I'll try to check each line on the next post before it moves off the screen.

We stay in touch and I thought you might be interested in several new things that this talented individual is up to. First of all he has an online art gallery called Scott West Galleries that is rather interesting if you're into that kind of thing.

He's looking for quotes on his artwork to put in the left column of the web page. He's going to post first names with last initial for anyone brave enough to send him a quote.

Second, he sent me a couple of links to soundclips of a band called Out Of Place. This is a Sacramento band that Scott has sat in with and thinks that more people should hear, because he thinks their material is incredible and their songwriters are exceptional.

Scott says he thinks they'll be getting a deal very soon. They have that raw sound that the kids like and the local radio stations are playing their tunes.

Adam Thompson their frontman has what Scott calls 'the gift. Feature - 30 second soundclip of the song currently being played on the radio Bluegrass - full version of this song.

I'm not going to post these messages in chronological order because this one will be quicker and you probabbly already know that I will say that last night's show was fabulous.

In urgent need of sleep, I decided to hold over my review writng but asked Ross to get me up early before he went to work, imaginaning that the show started at 7.

He got me up at 6. We only seem to watch TV in the morning if we are away on holidays and want to catch up on the news. It was an anxious wait, not knowing if they had already been on, but about 8.

They spoke of their history, being in Australia, the state of contemporary music and the industry , a new studio album and the second Sydney Opera House concert which will be filmed for a DVD!!

This is such exciting news. Imagine having a DVD quality memento of what you experienced from the front row, seeing your favourite band performing in one of the world's stunning 20th Century buildings on the edge of one of the world's most spectacular harbours!

I am overjoyed with this news. Johnny, We're one step ahead, have packed the little bag of cd covers and the belts in there too!!!

Lili has been given the mission this week to find the appropriate non-removable pens markers for the job I doo believe this Album covers backdrop pic has been mentioned before too Like I said I am just a throwing out a guess here For more information you can go to an interview that Scott West did with Ian before he passed away.

Chris' quiz was great fun. I don't know the answer to this next one, but it sure would be fun to find out. Does anyone know what the photographer said or did to get the band to laugh on the back of the Hearts album?

A really funny joke perhaps? I reported before the holidays that my wife was having trouble finding the Homecoming DVD, and some folks who post here were kind enough to offer some possible leads on where we might find it via the Internet.

Just FYI, we recently obtained it through Buy. I'm enjoying it, needless to say, although I wish there were more, particularly regarding the interview segment.

Dina Dell needed a rest I will let you know later if I got it in its entirety this time Ooooh how I love that Word Thanks again Steve, I really appreciate all you do for us!

I can only watch it at home. Sorry about that to everyone else who can't watch it. I'll probably remove it from the web site in the next day or two and then I'll upload another suprise video.

Lili Gorter alias Mrs. Goanna sent me something that she did in photoshop for me to post here. She had been playing around with a picture for quite sometime, as she did a hobby course in PhotoShop last year and loved it.

She says it reminds her of the Jackson Browne cover Running on Empty. Click here to see Lili's down under version of a Ventura Highway album cover.

I was up into the weeee hours of the morning finishing up the last of my reports I just love how they pop up just about anywhere. My Brain is not at it's best right about now I hope you take a camera sooo some pics of this can be shared I hope all is going well for you!

I wrote a Poem for him too Chris, have been enjoying the review of your wonderful America Odyssey. Check out today's "Sherman's Lagoon" comic strip http: Johnny, I always knew you would get this one out Tinggal Copas aja kok ga ribet trus taruh ja di blog sobat ehehehe..

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He attributes his success to the fact people are tired of the music they hear today on the radio and prefer the class country sound instead.

Recently, his association with Reverbnation a music website featuring artists from. David Church can be seen Jan. Dave Salver was once lead guitarist for Barbara Mandrell.

He has performed at the White House on three different occasions. In addition to his skills as a guitarist, he is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and humorist.

With a voice that has been referred to as a cross between Shania Twain and Patsy Cline, she is able to sing almost any kind of music. She also does the yodeling music of Patsy Montana.

Both Daphne and Dave give God credit for enormous talents he gave them. Contact the parks for more information. By Kathy Olivarez William Florian, a former lead singer with the New Christy Minstrels — a popular group back in the s — was one of the new performers who sent activity directors scurrying to the booking room during the second Entertainment Showcase held Thursday, Jan.

Their Irish instrumental was also very pretty. Of performers who have been around a while Wade and Teresa Landry cornered a lot of interest.

Teresa sings with a rich voice. Harrisson, who now in his third year in the Valley, was popular with activity directors. Items for the Parks Calendar must be open to the public activities in the parks only and must be submitted by park owners, managers or activity directors.

Request this form from the Winter Texan Times office. We do not accept listings for reviews, workshops, lessons or dance classes. Submission deadline is Thursday noon, one week prior to the publication date.

Winter Texan Times, P. Box , Mission, Texas or email to parkscal wintertexantimes. Craft Sale - Ranchero Village, Weslaco, 8am, cinnamon rolls for sale at 8am, lunch for sale pm.

Peppermint Palace Country Jam - El. Lunch - Bentsen Grove Resort, Mission, 11am Jams - Pharr South Park, Pharr, Happy Hour - Snow to Sun Park,.

Bingo - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7: Style Show - Mission West Resort, 11am, entertainment and lunch provided. Are activities lacking at your park?

Check Out the Wilder Resorts! If you have never been a Resident at a Wilder Resort, we have some specials for each category of Resident.

Do you have a Mobile Home or Park Model and you are being told that you have to pay a 30 day move out notice?

That should more than offset that 30 day move out fee. Give us a call or drop by one of our Wilder Resorts. Yoga - Paradise Park, Pharr, 1: All Park Craft and Yard Sale - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7am-Noon, breakfast and lunch served, vendor tables, bake sale, white elephant sales and our famous bread pudding for sale.

Breakfast - Paradise Park, McAllen, 7: Entertainment - Wagon City North, al. Church - Oleander Acres, Mission, 8: Church Service - San Juan Gardens, 8: Non-denominational Church - Trophy Gardens, Alamo, 9am, 8am choir practice, 9am church service, communion first Sunday of every month, Pastor Darrel Hardy, social with snacks and coffee to follow service, everyone welcome.

Non-denominational Service - Palm Gardens, Harlingen, 9: Gerald Parriott, everyone welcome, coffee fellowship following service.

Church - Casa del Sol, Donna, 9: Church Service - Mission West Resort, 10am. Church Service - Paradise Park, Pharr, am.

Church - Pleasant Valley Resort, Mission, Gospel Jam - Mission West Resort, 1: Jams - Fiesta Village, Mission, 1: Gospel Jam - Lamplighter Park, Mission, 5: Country Jam - Lamplighter Park, Mis-.

Movies - Paradise Park, Pharr, pm, free admission, visit the website at pharrparadisepark. Bingo - Pleasant Valley Resort, Mission, 7pm.

Entertainment - Snow to Sun Park,. Jams - Winter Haven Park, Pharr, pm, free admission, snacks, and cookies available. Everyone come and enjoy music and social time.

Jammers by invitation only. Country Jam - Sunwest Park, Harlingen, pm, everyone welcome, bring a friend, refreshments available.

Jam Session - Wagon City North, Mission, 1pm, cookies, all jammers and listeners are welcome, come and have a good time. Country Jam - Palm Gardens, Harlingen, pm, all musicians welcome.

Hamburger Night - Mission West Resort, 3: Pancakes - Bentsen Grove Resort, Mission, 4: Burgers - Paradise Park, McAllen,.

Country Jam - Mission West Resort, Hall, lunch will be available to purchase at Jam - Leisure World Community, Weslaco, 11am-2pm, lunch will be available from 11am to 12pm, jam will begin at pm.

Jams - Casa del Valle Park, Alamo, Jams - Paradise Park, McAllen, pm, lunch available 11am-1pm, everyone welcome.

Open Jam - Magnolia Park, Donna, pm, lunch available at Entertainment - Alamo Rec-Veh Park, 6: Bingo - Paradise Park, Pharr, pm, doors open at 6: Breakfast - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7: Music Jam - Paradise Park, Pharr, Jam Session - Chimney Park, Mission, pm, join us for a fun afternoon of music and laughs, lunch available Music Jam - Alamo Paradise Acres, pm, coffee and lunch available.

Accoustical Jam - Park Place Estates, Harlingen, pm, ballroom, free admission, refreshments available, open to the public, musicians by invitation only.

Big Band Jam - Valley View Estates, Mission, pm, tickets will be sold and refreshments served at break time, musi-.

Entertainment - Southern Comfort Resort, Weslaco, 6: Karaoke - Paradise Park, Pharr, pm, snack bar open. Spring Craft Sale - Pine to Palm Resort, Weslaco, 8am-Noon, coffee and donuts served for a minimal fee, lunch served 11am to 12pm for a minimal fee.

Lunch - Bentsen Grove Resort, Mis-. Jam - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission,. Annual Flea Market - La Hacienda. Entertainment - Fiesta Village, Mission, 7pm, J.

Pastor Tom Shouse, open to the public. Entertainment - Paradise Park, McAllen, The Winter Texan parks are divided into large park and small park categories and Twin Lakes falls in the small park category since it has less than lots.

This small park is big on spirit and enthusiasm, however, as the park residents enjoy taking part in the annual activity. In fact, they have won first place in the small park division several times in the past few years.

The doghouse already had dehydrated grapefruit slices attached to its roof. The three explained the plans for the float, which will represent a number of cartoon and comic book characters.

Other residents of the park will also join the. Still more park residents will be walking alongside the float, dressed as Popeye, Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr.

Booth said the citrus products would not be put on the float until Thursday and Friday so that it would stay fresh for the parade and not get wet in case of rain.

Among the products they plan to use are dehydrated orange peels for the floor of the float. Limes will adorn the Camelot sign.

Attend the parade and watch for this creative float and costumes to see how they are using citrus products to decorate this whimsical float filled with memories of good times!

There will also be other floats in the parade sponsored by other Winter Texan parks. Check out the Twin Lakes float and the other floats constructed by some very creative Winter Texans.

Maybe you can get your park to join the fun next year by building a float as well. Have a great time at the Texas Citrus Fiesta this weekend.

For those looking for Gospel music, 4 His Glory is hard to beat. Rolando Reyes has a fantastic voice as do other members of the group.

They too are popular with activity directors. There was a fiddle, two guitars and a keyboard. There will also be a display on the Texas Citrus Fiesta in the museum.

For information call General Admission tickets may be purchased at the door. Registration starts at 7 a. Parade starts at FM Griffin Pkwy.

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